About Me

About Me

I live in the Danish municipality of Jammerbugt in Northern Jutland, between the North Sea and the Limfjord. there is lots of room to think here, and I gather a lot of energy in the nature together with my two boys. I am a real familiy dad and I thorougly enjoy being able to plan my days in such a way that there is room for working with music as well as spending time with my family.

I have a big interest in personal development. In how we handle the emotions we all experience and in how we can move forward as human beings to reach the goals we set. These perspectives are always present in what I create. Whenever I am producing, composing or playing music, the inner life, and the touching of emotions of people, is always with me.

I see myself as a sort of musical bridge builder. The way I see it, music has this amazing ability to crawl under the skin of people, be it the big heart-melting opera arias,  the moodsetting background music of movies and computer games, or the excillerating and head-banging Heavy metal. It unites us in common experiences - a universal language with many dialects.

I love to give people big, musical experiences, surprise them and broaden their horizons. It matters less if the music is by Bach, Chopin, John denver, Metallica, originates from a computer game or is freely improvised.

I am very fond of playing music by the great romantics like Chopin and Liszt, but I am equally happy to let loose with Queen and Iron Maiden!