Me and My Music

Me and My Music

The Composer

I have composed music since I was little and it was clear back then that I had a natural talent for creating moods with my music. A couple of years later I won first prize in a competition for young Danish composers, which only made me want to compose even more.

My compositions span a wide range of genres and styles and I am always up for a challenge that further develops my musical width. I have no issues going down alternative paths, it that is what I feel is necessary.

I have my own sound studio at home where I can do my composing and also record and produce live recorded and digital music.

I have written music for piano, church organ, symphony orchestra, choirs and misc. ensembles. I have set new music to songs, hymns, poems, written music for film, meditations, podcasts and more.

The Pianist

The piano has also been with me since I was a kid. Sheet music intrigued me a lot and I loved seeing how the music for a particular piece looked like and then play all I could, book after book. Perhaps because I have played through so much sheet music from an early age I have always been a strong reader of music and sight reading is one of my biggest  strengths.

Beside the numerous concerts in Denmark and abroad, my sight reading abilities have enabled me to help out in urgent situations where for some reason a pianist was needed with short to no notice. It is always exciting with challenges like these!

I also have a big interest in improvising and part of my own piano pieces are written down improvisations. Playing music, to me, is a very organic process which is very dependent and impressable by the current moment - where and how the music is performed and with whom. I therefore take some liberties now and then with regards to the sheet music when performing, if the moment inspires me to do so.

I give concerts with piano solo or as accompanist for singers, instrumentalists, choirs and more.

I am classically trained and schooled, but my repertoire span from baroque and romanticism to movie soundtracks and heavy metal.