Sound Studio

Sound Studio

As my work as a composer developed my home office slowly changed form to become more of a sound studio, where I can work on composing music as well as recording and producing - I call it "Unity Studio".

Beside the many ways In which I can do digital recordings (fx. mock-up's) I can also record live instruments or vocals. Since space is rather limited in my studio I am able to record one person at a time.

Some of the things I can do in my studio:

  • Backing tracks for singers or instrumentalists, for practicing at home or performing live
  • Mixing and mastering of tracks
  • mock-ups (recordings with digital instruments like piano, organ or an entire symphony orchestra - whatever the particular job needs)
  • recording vocals or solo instruments
  • Transcribing, arranging and creating sheet music

During the corona pandemic I have made several distance recordings, fx an entire Christmas calendar, where the artists recorded their tracks at home and sent me, after which I mixed it together with my own tracks in the studio.

Here you can listen to some examples of my studio work: